Wednesday, August 10, 2011


10 days  into Ramadan and we’ve already collected and sent over 400 pairs of running shoes, some new, some used. Thanks to everyone who made the time to sort through their unwanted shoes, cleaned and bagged them for us to collect.

Last week we sent 8 full boxes to direct aid. We have been receiving more than a dozen calls a day from people who have shoes to donate, some homes gave us more than 50 pairs! We are truly grateful to everyone supporting us.

We have added boxes in 2 new locations:

1.     Side kick academy, Shuwaikh

2.     Zero Degrees, Jabriya

This Campaign will be running till the end of Ramadan, so if you have running shoes that you don’t wear anymore, kindly bring them to one of our drop locations:

1.     Extreme Sports Triathlon store, Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh
2.     Tatami restaurant
3.     Baking tray cafĂ©
4.     Extreme sports, Salmiya, hamad al Mubarak street
5.     VIVA Head office, Salmiya
6.     ACK, Mishref
7.     AUK, Salmiya
8.     Lashes salon, Yarmouk

Monday, August 1, 2011

Run Foot | Collection Boxes

Thanks to All those who are supporting us with our newly launched campaign to collect used running shoes. We have placed collection boxes in each of the following venus, and we will be adding more location to our distribution list throughout the week so stay connected to find out where will you find a box near you. As of today you'll find our boxes in:

1. Baking tray Cafe -

2. Tatami -

3. Extreme Sports Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh.

4. AUK (American University of kuwait) - in the sciences building behind starbucks

5. THE 3 CLUB -

6. VIVA Head quarters - Salmiya, Olympia, ground floor,

7. ACK (Australian College of Kuwait)

8. Extreme Sports Salmiya - Hamad Al mubarak street - next to red tag and jothan

So get those used running shoes and send them to those who can use them, we've made it easy for you
just follow the instructions on our board and choose your nearest location. our aim is to collect a 1000 pairs of wearable shoes before the end of ramadan.